Click on the link below to display the sample page. Once on the sample page, right click your mouse and choose "View page source" from the popup menu to view the HTML source for the page.

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Lecture 4: Creating 3D Sphere's and Bullets

This example shows how to use a table to layout a simple unordered or bulleted list containing graphical 3D bullets.

Lectures 8-10: Creating Graphical Horizontal Rules and Separators

This example displays the standard HTML horizontal rule followed by a filigree rule and a floral separator.

Lectures 12-13: Creating Banners

This example shows the simple standard way to display a page banner.

Lectures 15-18: Creating Banners and Overlaying Images

This example shows how to make a banner from multiple image and nonimage components using div tags to overlay them.

Lectures 18: Creating Banners and Overlaying Images

This example shows through color how to use div tags to lay out a web page.

Lectures 19: Review of "table" Tag Based Positioning

This example shows a simple example of how to use the table tag to layout HTML pages.

Lectures 21: Using Background Images

This example shows how to apply background images to entire pages and individuals elements (e.g. a table). It also explains configuration options such as tiling and fixing.

Lectures 25: Creating Button Effects

This example shows how to implement a button rollover effect by using the "onmouseover" and "onmouseout" img tag events.